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                                                  PL7509 FORGOTTEN PRISONER $26.29

His crimes have long been forgotten. His sentence fulfilled. However, this unfortunate prisoner was lost in the system, and now his bones are the only remains that hang from the dreaded shackles of his prison cell. Until now… From the depths of our creative well, Polar Lights is proud to announce the latest addition to the model kit family: the Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare. This kit is a reproduction of the original Aurora model, which has been long-sought after by builders for years. The kit contains approximately 30 parts, is in 1:8 scale, this kit is designed for skill level 2 builders. The Forgotten Prisoner should be hitting your favorite hobby shop in May, so make sure to look for him in the deep, dark recesses of the store’s shelves.
Note: Kit shown is built by Michael Warshaw.