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                       PL 8003 FORBIDDEN PLANET C57D SPACESHIPS  $58.99

Arguably one of the best sci-fi movies to have come out of the 1950s, “Forbidden Planet” deals with a group of astronauts en route to Altair IV. Today, “Forbidden Planet” is considered by many to be a cult classic movie. In 1999, Polar LightsŪ brought you Robby the Robot™, and now in 2001 we're bringing you the companion – the C-57D Spaceship. One of the most ambitious and complex projects to date, the C-57D Spaceship will have modelers ready to take the challenge! With over 105 different parts, clear top bubble, and clear bottom bubble, this kit will be packaged in a box measuring 23” x 15” x 5”. This will be the first time the C-57D appears in a styrene kit to the mass market. It will have a detailed interior as well as exterior, complete with an in-scale miniature Robby the Robot for displaying inside the craft. Built in 1:72 scale, this model is compatible with most in- scale airplanes. Set for release in early May of 2001, the Forbidden Planet spaceship is designed for skill level 3 modelers.