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                               98747 NIGHTMARES IN PLASTIC BOOK  $30.00



Book focuses on horror inspired model kits, from mass produced model kits to limited run garage kits. Features over 150 color photos of kits and box art.

                                  0784578  SPIDERMAN MINI STATUE  $39.99                                      


                                         0799545 BATMAN MARQUETTE   $89.95


          0799500 BATMAN AND ROBIN SILVER AGE SET SPEC ED  $89.99




         799506  BATMAN 8X11 JL AD SHEET (LAMINATED)  $9.99


                 799507 BATMAN 1966 TV GUIDE BOXED  $19.99


             799507B GREEN HORNET 1966 TV GUIDE BOXED  $19.99


            799508  PSYCHO 9 X 18 POSTER (IN PLASTIC COVER)  $13.99



                  98748 BATMAN WALMART EXCLUSIVE FIGURES  $39.99 EACH



                                 87859 BATMAN LIMITED EDITION MINI STATUE $65.00



                                   87455 BATMAN ORNAMENT  $39.99


 Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, casts a watchful eye over the Holiday season in this resin ornament set with one ornament featuring the caped crusader and the other the recognized symbol of Batman in a golden finish.

                                      87456 SUPERMAN ORNAMENT  $39.99


 Born in a distant planet came to earth when his planet was destroyed. Superman, Clark Kent is a presence of the peaceful spirit . This resin set features the man of steel and the distinctive S shield logo.


                        878421  TARGET EXCLISIVE SUPER HERO FIGURE SET  $59.99


                                   87457 LORD OF THE RINGS FIGURE SET  $39.99


     This box contains Gandalf, Argorn, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Boromir,   Legoals, and Gimli.  These metal miniatures are unassembled and unpainted.  Glue, paint and scenery not included.    


                                         874721  MUNSTER KOACH     $39.99         




                                           87878 JAWS DIORAMA $49.99


The incredibly detailed box set from Movie Maniacs IV re-creates a powerful scene from Jaws, one of the most enduring and popular films of all time. 8 figures are included in this diorama. Boat is 18" long.

                                 87899 CAPTAIN KIRK AS GANGSTER FIGURE  $30.99


                 87889 STAR TREK VOYAGER CAPTAIN JANEWAY  FIGURE  $30.99




                                 04574 WONDER WOMAN GOLDEN AGE FIGURE $99.95


                                          00085 LEGENDS BOBA FETT BUST $195.00

                   bobafront.jpg (39306 bytes)    bobaback.jpg (51241 bytes)




The Caped Crusader, or the Dark Knight is one of the greatest comic book super heroes of all time. Created in full collaboration with DC Comics, this comprehensive guide reveals details of all the major characters, original comic book artwork, and the super workings of the key installments and equipment. With more than 700 illustrations, including special ones commissioned for this book, this is the definitive guide.



                39787  BATMAN EXECUTIVE DESK SET- RARE   $299.99





                                    timacfront.jpg (39740 bytes)  timacback.jpg (68143 bytes)

Warner Brothers issue of H.G. Wells' classic The Time Machine. The DVD deluxe collector set includes, original lobby card prints, limited edition image from movie and 35 mm film frame. In addition, it includes an origianl one sheet movie poster (27"x40"). Behind the scenes documentary.



                    bmitest2.jpg (40783 bytes)         bmitest1.jpg (48160 bytes)



                                                    sg1.jpg (73717 bytes)


          00053   BATMAN AND ROBIN  STATUE  (WITH CERTIFICATE) $195.00    

Batman and Robin Detective Comics #38 Large Statue sculpted by Tim Bruckner. Hand painted, cold cast porcelain statue recreates the April 1940 cover. It is 8.75" tall and 6.5" in diameter. Comes with certificate of authenticity.


                               00050   BATMAN BATGIRL STATUE LIMITED/NUMBERED   $99.95

    bmgirlstat3.jpg (10257 bytes)  bmgirlstat2.jpg (40481 bytes)     bmgirlstat1.jpg (5455 bytes)


                                 00051 MEGO ACTION FIGURE AND TOY BOOK  $19.95        

                                                         megobook.jpg (29523 bytes)                

                             13010 SEVEN VOYAGES OF SINBAD CYCLOPS  $10.00 each

                jasonf.jpg (35086 bytes)   


Ray Harryhausen 3" cold cast resin figures . Movies were released in 1950's and 60's. Made of resin these were issued in 2000 by X-Plus. Limited edition items from the fim Library of Ray Harryhausen.


                                      13011 GOLDEN AGE PENGUIN RESIN STATUE  $35.00

      bm penguin3.jpg (60591 bytes)  bmpenguin2.jpg (32986 bytes)


Golden age DC Comics character Penguin resin statue of The Penguin. Stand 6 1/2" tall and is on black base.


                                   10100 BATMAN AND ROBIN SET $32.99

                        bmduo.jpg (57388 bytes)     bmduoback.jpg (28575 bytes)

The greatest heroes in the universe join forces to combat the worlds most diabolical villans ! It's Batman and Robin 9" fully poseable figures with cape and Batbelt. A Golden Age collectable they are in original 1940 gear.


                                                        10001 BAT-MITE  $14.95

                                              batmitefront.jpg (44599 bytes)        batmiteback.jpg (44616 bytes)

                                                 69785 MR. MXYZPTLK   $14.95

                                                           mxyzptlk.jpg (49017 bytes)

                                                     69784 KRYPTO  $14.95

                                                krypto.jpg (64721 bytes)

One of DC Direct's first soft toys duplicates the Silver Age imp named Bate-Mite. Stands 7" tall with hands that can adhere to other toys or hips. Packaged on window box. Manufactured to order, so item is VERY LIMITED.

                                                  69799  DRACULA CLOCK   $18.99



                                      10008 BATMAN VAMPIRE STATUE   $195.00    

                                                           bmvampbox.jpg (26817 bytes)

    bmvampfull.jpg (27792 bytes)    bmvampface.jpg (42868 bytes)   bmvamps.jpg (11645 bytes)

        bmvampnumb.jpg (23199 bytes)       bmvampbot.jpg (40420 bytes)   bmvampback.jpg (10018 bytes)


Sculpted by William Paquet and based on Designs by Kelley Jones- Undead Elseworlds- "Vampire Trilogy" Batman/Dracula: Red Rain, Bloodstorm, and Crimson Mist. The cold cast porcelain statue captures the Darkest Knight of the all busting from his grave. Statue measures 11.5"x 11.8" x7.3"and weighs about 8lbs (it is heavy). Each statue comes with certificate of authenticity. VERY LIMITED EDITION-was only manufactured to order.

                                              14545 SUPERMAN CLOCK  $18.99



                                  10005  SUPERMAN STATUE GOLDEN AGE  $35.00

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      smffullb2.jpg (64840 bytes)  smtopbb2.jpg (39448 bytes)   smface.jpg (26395 bytes)


7" Tall and replicated to the fullest detail, Clark Kent changes into the man of steel. Figurine comes standing on a sleek back base. Each piece has been hand-painted and meticulously sculpted. Created by Dave Grossman.

                   10008  SUPERMAN FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE SNOW GLOBE  $79.99

             smglobe1.jpg (34342 bytes)  smglobe2.jpg (75227 bytes)   smglobe3.jpg (39204 bytes)

                               smglobebox.jpg (51970 bytes)


  7" Tall  4 3/4' diameter snow globe on pedestal. Stand has the Superman "S" and sayes Fortess of Solitude. Item includes DC Comics Official Certificate of Authenticity.


                              10006 GREEN HORNET DVD FILM FEATURES   $19.99

                                  ghdvdf.jpg (45754 bytes)  ghdvdb.jpg (59419 bytes)


2 90 minute films from 1973 featuring the Green Hornet (Van Willaims) and Kato (Bruce Lee). Has many spectacular fight sceens. This is the first time this has become available in the United States. Remastered from 35mm.